electronica India 2018

掲載日 2018年 06月 04日
展示会日 2018年 09月 26日 - 2018年 09月 28日

Place: BIEC, Bengaluru, India                                              
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Official Website: / SUMIDA Exhibitor Page

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[For Reference] Event panel list:

  • Power inductor is applicable to 150℃ enviroment
  • IGBT transformer and Boost Reactor for HEV/EV
  • Coil & Transformer for on-board charger
  • High temperature applicable DC common mode choke coils
  • LF antenna coils for transmitting
  • Antenna coils for receiver
  • Reactor for photovoltaic power system and industrial equipment
  • Isolation transformer for medical equipment
  • Pulse transformers for battery management system
  • Solenoid coil for automotive
  • RFID Products


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