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SMD Power Inductor: CD3012MB/DS (new addition)

January 5th 2021

CD3012MB/DS(3.2*3.2*1.2mm Max.) is a new addition of CD****MB series, it is a surface-mounted power inductor for resin-filled coils. The product size range of CD****MB series is wide, which includes CD3015MB/DS(3.2*3.2*1.5mm Max.), CD4012MB/DS(4.2*4.2*1.2mm Max.), CD4018MB/DS(4.2*4.2*1.8mm Max.), CD4030MB/DS(4.2*4.2*3.0mm Max.), CD5020MB/DS(5.2*5.2*2.0mm Max.), CD5040MB/DS(5.2*5.2*4.0mm Max.), CD6020MB/DS(6.2*6.2*2.0mm Max.) and CD6028MB/DS(6.2*6.2*2.8mm Max.).

By filling the winding wire with resin containing magnetic material, the magnetic shield effect and the mechanical impact strength is significant.


Key Features:

  • Ferrite core construction
  • Low profile resin-shielded



DC/DC converter for CPU in notebook PC, smartphone, LCD displays, HDDs, DVDs,SSDs, DVCs, DSCs, PDAs etc.

Production Stage:

In mass production

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