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DC-DC Converter Transformer: CEER117

June 2nd 2017

Sumida has developed an high reliability DC-DC Converter Transformer CEER117 for automotive use (high reliability), or as a IGBT drive insulated transformer for EV air conditioners, Insulated transformer for battery monitoring units, medical and industrial equipment. Custom design is available.

CEER117 is used for an application note for AVAGO IC ACPL-32JT (Sumida P/N CEER117-AX05-13-048) and for ROHM IC BM60051, BM60054 and BM60055 (Sumida P/N CEER117-AX05-15-007).

Electrical characteristic

  • Max. Operating frequency 500 kHz
  • Operating Power 2.0W (@ 100 kHz)
  • Operating temperature range : - 40℃~+ 125℃ (*including self-heating)
  • Withstand Voltage: 2.5kVrms, 50/60Hz, 60sec.

IC reference

Part No. Inductance (100kHz/1V) LL (100kHz/1V) IC Number
(2-3) (1-4) (6-7) (2-3)
CEER117-AX05-13-048 59.0uH±25% -- 240uH±25% 1.8uH Max ACPL-32JT (AVAGO)
CEER117-AX05-15-007 7.2uH±18% 13.8uH 120uH 0.1uH Typ. BM60051, 60054, 60055(ROHM)