SUMIDA: Company News

Notice of Resignation of Director and Appointment of a Member of the Audit Committee

December 13th 2017 Press Release

Sumida Corporation announces that Soichiro Uchida tendered his resignation as director and member of the audit committee. The details are set out below.

  1. Resigning Director
    Director and member of the audit committee: Soichiro Uchida
  2. Reasons for the Resignation
    Due to personal reasons
  3. Effective Date
    December 9th, 2017
  4. Others
    The resignation of Mr. Uchida does not impair the function of the board of directors. The remaining directors constitute a quorum for the board of directors pursuant to the articles of incorporation and the relevant statutes.

With effect from December 12th, 2017 Yukihiro Moroe, director, has been appointed as member of the audit committee.